Reading Comprehension


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Being a good reader isn’t only about being able to read the words fluently and with expression. Its also about having a deep level of understanding of the text. Here are two documents that you can use at home with your children to help them develop the skills needed to gain that deep level of understanding of texts.

The single sheet is based on literal comprehension of texts. You can start with asking your child these questions when they read to you.  When they become confident with their answers, give you lots of information about the text and show you that they are fully understanding the story line move onto the other document.

The second document gets a little more complex as it mainly focuses on inferencing. Students will need to use their prior knowledge as well as clues in the text (pictures/ words) to make valid inferences about the text. These questions are good to ask when students are reading books with more complex ideas that require them to look outside of the information given to them, to have a really deep understanding on the text. This level of thinking is pretty much required at a Grade 2 level so if your child is finding them a little tricky right now that is totally understandable. Keep practicing them while reading and even if you don’t get up to these questions this year keep them handy for Grade 2.

Reading Comprehension Questions Handout Literal-1u19ecr

Reading Comprehension Questions handout for families Inferential-1an151x


Donations for art


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Hi wonderful Bell Community!

I’m in need of around 30 wood off-cuts that children could hold comfortably in their hands. If there are any mums, dads or grandparents out there, who work with wood and would be able to help us, I’d be very appreciative. If this is something you can help out with, please don’t hesitate to pop into the art room after school to chat to me.

Thank you! Chelsea Kneale




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In numeracy we are learning addition. We started off learning what addition is and how to add objects together.


Now we learning how to use a number line to help us add. It was great fun using big number lines on the floor to add two numbers together from rolling two dice!




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Check out how we measure length using informal units of measurement.


What’s going on in art?


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Come and check out what the Grade 1s have been up to in art this week!

Mask Parade Term 2


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Tissues Please!


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As we tend to fly through our tissues during the cooler months, we are always in need of some more supplies! Please feel free to donate a box to your classroom if you ever have a spare, or see them on sale for super cheap at the shops. Thank you kindly in advance 🙂

Welcome to Term 2!


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Hey there Grade 1 parents and friends and welcome back to school for another big term of exciting activities, events and lots of learning!

This term we have lots of learning to do in all subject areas. Here is a quick overview of what we will be focusing on:


We are starting the term off with letter writing. We will be looking at the structure and features of a letter and students will be given the opportunity to write letters to friends, family, and characters from story books. They will even be able to post a real letter to a family member!

After letter writing students will be leaning about all the different types of procedure texts. For example, recipes and ‘how to’ instructions. They will be looking at the structure of procedural texts and will be writing a variety of them.

We will finish Term 2 off with a bit more Narrative writing. We just can’t get enough of all their stories and find this genre allows them to be as creative as their hearts desire!

Of course, writing isn’t only focused on the structure and features of different text types. Actual writing skills are what’s most important and the genres are just a way to expose students to different types of writing and practice their skills. Writing skills that we focus on include formation of letters, spelling, grammar and punctuation, sentence structure, paragraph structure and editing skills… Just to name a few!


Students will continue to work in their “Just Right” reading groups, where they will be focusing on a range of reading and comprehension skills such as decoding, re-reading, summarising, paraphrasing, using expression and inferring. Again… just to name a few!


In numeracy we will be focusing on addition, subtraction, fact families, shape, length, location and time. All of which we will be completing a range of hands on, fun activities on. We have so much learning to do and we are super excited to get started!


Last term we started looking at our initial Inquiry question “How has your family changed?” We did a few activities on what we already know about families and family tress. We had lots of interesting student led discussions about families, where students asked questions such as “why does everyone in my family have the same colour eyes”, “why are all families different” and “why did our grandparents wear different looking clothes to us?”

This term we will continue to explore this concept with particular emphasis on our own families. Get ready to be interviewed by our very clever reporters on your family history. Students will be leaning the difference between open and closed questions, coming up with some amazing questions of their own, collecting information, and showcasing their findings through an end product or action.

More information about this Inquiry topic will be sent out and posted on the blog throughout the term so stay tuned!

If you have any questions regarding what we are learning about in class please feel free to contact your child’s classroom teacher via email or catch us before class commences in the morning 🙂

Narrative Writing


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Jacqueline Harvey, Morris Gleitzman, Mem Fox and students of Grade 1D, L and G. These are just a few of Australia’s most talented authors!

We love creative writing in Grade 1 and have been very busy planning, writing and editing our own stories with inspiration from some our most favourite writers. We have learnt all about using lots of adjectives to describe our characters and setting to create imagery, coming up with some juicy problems and solutions, and using sizzling starts to keep our audience wanting more!

Here is a fun link you can use at home, to help your little authors come up with some amazing stories!

Happy writing!

Helpers needed


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And so another year begins! Chelsea is need of some help in the art room. The details are:

  • Wednesday the 28th of Feb.
  • 8:50am – 9:50am
  • 6 spots
  • Help with cutting out the eyes on the Prep masks and other general art room jobs.
  • If you’d like to help out, please put your name down on the list on the art noticeboard outside the art room.

Your help would be much appreciated!

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