MY Body! What I say GOES!


Posted by kerryg | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on September 6, 2018

As a continuation from last weeks, ‘I know my body’ session, today we focused on recognising feelings. To drive the students’ learning, we read the book ‘My BODY! What I say Goes’!. Whilst reading, rich discussions of the following feelings occurred ‘safe, unsafe, uncomfortable and comfortable’. Students’ developed a good understanding that if they feel unsafe or uncomfortable they should talk about their feelings with a trusted adult e.g. parents, family members, teachers and professionals such as doctors etc.

As a follow up activity, students identified their ‘Safety Network’. They traced their hands, and in each finger, they listed a trusted adult (5 in total).

All students practised saying aloud ‘STOP! It’s my body…what I say goes’.

Next week we will dig deeper into these feelings by further discussing the identified ‘5 Body Safety Rules’.

What a great success this Health & Human Development unit has continued to be!

Grade One team.

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