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Being a good reader isn’t only about being able to read the words fluently and with expression. Its also about having a deep level of understanding of the text. Here are two documents that you can use at home with your children to help them develop the skills needed to gain that deep level of understanding of texts.

The single sheet is based on literal comprehension of texts. You can start with asking your child these questions when they read to you.  When they become confident with their answers, give you lots of information about the text and show you that they are fully understanding the story line move onto the other document.

The second document gets a little more complex as it mainly focuses on inferencing. Students will need to use their prior knowledge as well as clues in the text (pictures/ words) to make valid inferences about the text. These questions are good to ask when students are reading books with more complex ideas that require them to look outside of the information given to them, to have a really deep understanding on the text. This level of thinking is pretty much required at a Grade 2 level so if your child is finding them a little tricky right now that is totally understandable. Keep practicing them while reading and even if you don’t get up to these questions this year keep them handy for Grade 2.

Reading Comprehension Questions Handout Literal-1u19ecr

Reading Comprehension Questions handout for families Inferential-1an151x


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