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Thank you to everyone who attended our Grade One Information evening last week. Here are the notes from the evening if you could not attend.

Grade 1 Parent Information Evening, 2018

Classroom Teachers

1D- Maria Daskalou (PLT Leader)

1L- Laura Di Domenica

1G- Kerry Georgiou

Specialist Teachers

Art – Chelsea Kneale

Music – Milica Stefanovic

Physical Education – Josh Grogan

Italian- Massimo Palombo

Teaching and Learning

As a team we aim to empower each student to take control of their learning. Student voice is encouraged so that students are in tune with what learning they need, their strengths and their goals. Students are familiar with learning expectations and use these to achieve their goals.

Through the beginning of the year Start Up program, all classes:

  • Discussed what makes a good student, good teacher and good classroom
  • Developed an understanding of communal responsibility
  • Set up the expectations and routines for a successful year
  • Learned something new about everyone in their classroom.

 Absence notes

If your child is absent, late or leaving early, please use the BPS absence slips. Email your teacher regarding any extended absences.


Red, blue and yellow folders:

  •    Red – home reading
  •    Blue – home-school communication, notes etc.
  •    Yellow – Independent reading folder, stays at school.

 School Uniforms

Please ensure students wear correct uniforms to school. Broad brimmed hats. Hair longer than the shoulders is recommended to be tied back due to nits, no nail polish is to be worn. Close toed shoes.


Please complete the medical forms that were sent home at the start of the school year to ensure the school knows of any known allergies (this includes the band-aid allergy form). If anything changes, please let the school know ASAP.


Please make sure we have an up-to-date asthma plan. These are required to be redone by a doctor every 12 months.

 Permission slips and money

Electronic payments are preferred using QKA. It is a secure mobile app that allows fast and easy payments. Cash can be sent in an envelope. Please make sure it is clearly labelled. Please do not send in money any other way as the money often gets lost. Permission notes are to be kept outside the envelope. The envelopes are only for payments.

 Medicine permission slips

Medicine that students need to have during the day needs to be stored in the Front Office. Please fill in a medication form outlining time, dosage etc.

Eating Times                                                

With two supervised eating times, parents and students will need to decide on the portions of food that work for them for the 11.30am and 2.00pm timeslots. The fruit/veg time needs to be simple healthy foods that can be eaten efficiently.

Lunch Orders

There are two types of lunch ordering options at BPS. Classroom Cuisine and Stanley Milk Bar are the options. Classroom Cuisine lunch orders are available every day (except Tuesdays) and Stanley’s are available on Fridays only. Classroom Cuisine orders are ordered online ( before 8:30am and Stanley’s orders are by labelled paper bag with enclosed money. See the office for a menu flyer for Stanley’s Milk Bar. Lunch orders will be delivered in the second break of the day at 2:00.

 Extreme Weather Timetables

If the weather is deemed to be ‘extreme’, for example, strong winds, rain or extreme heat, then students will remain supervised inside.

 Duty of Care Hours

The duty of care hours for teachers are from 8:45am – 3:45pm. Please supervise your children before and after these times as we cannot guarantee supervision and want to ensure students are safe. OSHC club is available at BPS to assist those who need extended hours of care. There will usually be a bell to signal the end of duty of care hours at the end of school.

 Parent Helpers

We welcome parent helpers in the classrooms for Independent Reading and any other special events! Please remember that when assisting in classrooms, we expect a level of confidentiality and ask that you please refrain from discussing the learning levels of students with other parents. Please remember to sign yourself into the visitor’s book in your child’s class, along with any younger siblings in your care.

 First Aid

If your child is injured at school and had needed to attend the first aid room, (this doesn’t include those injuries needing a bandaid), you will receive a pink slip outlining what has happened and what treatment has been given. If your child receives a bump to the head, you will receive a phone call home.

 Parent Partnerships

We value the support provided by parents and carers at Bell. We also recognise that our parent community have many skills and expertise that can complement the learning experiences in our classroom. Please let us know if you would like to become involved by assisting us with Inquiry units or any other areas of expertise that could be incorporated into our classrooms. We look forward to working with you in partnership throughout 2018.


It is important that the students develop good routines as this will assist them in their schooling, both now and in the future. Assist your child to develop good habits by providing a quiet space where they can concentrate and a regular time during the week, when they can devote their time to completing their reading and any other school tasks.

 Communicating with parents

Regular, open communication with parents is a very important part of our roles. It is necessary to let parents know what is happening in the classroom, let you know if any issues or concerns arise at school and to keep you up to date with events.

Email is a primary means of communication. Please check with your classroom teacher to ensure they have your email so as you don’t miss out on any email communication.


Please remember e-mail ‘netiquette’ – teachers will not respond after working hours or over the weekend, so please be patient. Teachers may also have a number of tasks and emails to get back to, so please do not always expect a reply on the same day. Teachers will however, always do their best to get back to emails in a timely manner.


Blog is an important means for communicating. We post photos of what is happening in class and suggestions of activities you might like to follow up on at home.

 School Website

The school website includes the school calendar as well as Bell News. You can find the school website here:


Any concerns, please see your classroom teacher. Feel free to drop by the classroom or contact us by email to make a time to chat.

 Learning Program: Victorian Curriculum

We base our teachings on The Victorian Curriculum. In Literacy, this includes Reading, Writing (including spelling), Speaking and Listening. In Numeracy, this includes Number, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics and Probability. If you’re interested in finding out more, you can go to the Victorian Curriculum website at:

 Independent Reading

Independent Reading begins in Grade One, but is somewhat different to the Prep format. Students read quietly and independently in their seats and adults move around the room and listen to students read. Students will read every morning for the first 20 – 30 minutes. Students are expected to read books that are ‘just right.’ Using the ‘just right’ book test, students try and read a page from a selected book. Students should find approximately 2-3 difficult words on one page. Any more or less than this means the book is either too hard or too easy.


Numeracy is an important aspect of students’ learning. It is our role as educators to develop their skills in Numeracy. We will do this through providing quality lessons that are differentiated to cater for all learning styles and ability levels. We ensure that we provide targeted teaching through pre testing before concepts are presented and post testing to provide us with data around student learning and to guide further instruction. It is important that we provide real life investigations which engage the students and show purpose for learning. Developing problem solving skills of students will assist them in becoming life-long learners, who have many tools to tackle mathematical problems.

Inquiry Learning

In Grade 1, we use the inquiry process: Questioning, Finding Out,
Sorting Information, Drafting and Editing, Publishing, Sharing and Evaluating. Inquiry will be continued throughout the year. Stay tuned for upcoming focuses.

 Information Communication Technology – ICT

Information Communication Technology tools are used across Grade 1 to support and enhance the learning experience. The tools available at Bell Primary School include iPads and laptops. Each double classroom is also equipped with a projector screen. We use a range of different educational apps including apps such as PicCollage, iMovie, Book Creator, Camera, Sunshine Online and others to enhance student outcomes and digital literacy.

 Specialist Programs

The specialist program this year consists of:

  • Art – Chelsea Kneale
  • Music – Milica Stefanovic
  • PE / Sport – Josh Grogan
  • Italian – Massimo Palombo.


This term Grade 1 students will be learning about masks and their place in different cultures around the world. Students will be looking at portraits by Pablo Picasso from his later years as an artist. During a series of lessons focused on experimentation and play, students will create a collection of painted and drawn portraits. Students will then use these developmental works, to create a Picasso inspired mask, which focuses on a colour, shape and line.


This term Grade 1 students will explore rhythmic and melodic patterns in music through the groovy books ‘Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons’ and ‘Pete the Cat: Rocking in my School Shoes’. Students will learn to sing these songs and identify the first beat in every bar as well as practice keeping a steady beat to the music. They will also compose and perform their own version of ‘Rocking in my School Shoes’ by completing a rhythmic template. Students will also learn to identify and play patterns in various nursery rhymes.

 Physical Education (P.E.)

The Grade 1 students this term will be focusing on the fundamental motor skills of the Ball Bounce and beginning an Invasion Game unit. The students will learn the key skills involved in the ball bounce and use these skills in modified games and activities. The invasion game unit will have a focus on students making decisions in regards to different external influences. The key skills for this unit will be on students making positive decisions in a timely manner and responding to different scenarios for the best outcome. These activities will also require students to work effectively with their classmates and participate in a fair and honest manner.


During Term One students in Grades One and Two will coverer a variety of topics that will introduce new vocabulary and cultural aspects of Italy. Students will extend their knowledge in Italian for body parts, greetings, names of different animals, colours and how to express likes or dislikes in Italian. Students are assessed on their ability to read, write, and spell familiar words and their ability to engage in conversational Italian, through classroom tests and the production of posters.

 Bell Arts Blog

Please visit and subscribe to the Bell Arts blog for photos, posts, art information and more:


All grades are provided with library time where the students have the opportunity to borrow books and learn about library procedures. This will be held with their classroom teacher. Students are required to bring a library bag to borrow books. This could even be a plastic or material bag to protect library books from getting lost or damaged at the bottom of school bags.

Lunchtime Clubs

We provide lunchtime clubs that focus on students’ interests and aims to build new social connections. Many of these will run throughout the year and are promoted in newsletters and blogs. Some possible clubs that will run this year will be: Lego, Basketball, Sports of All Sorts, Drawing, Gardening, Finger Knitting, Library and Dance.

 The Welfare Team

The Welfare Team is here to assist and support the social and emotional needs of students. If at any time you feel this may benefit your child, please contact your child’s teacher who will work with the welfare team to best support them.

Student Responsibilities

At Bell Primary School we are looking to develop responsible students who take ownership of their behaviour. We encourage students to make good choices and know that these choices may affect their learning and the learning of others. The Grade One students will be paired up with a Prep Buddy and they will continue to build relationships throughout the year.

 2018 Events

There are many exciting events happening this semester and detailed information will be provided as the dates get closer.



Posted by mariabell | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on February 26, 2018

Hey there Grade One parents and friends! Welcome to the Grade One blog. We will be using this platform to showcase our amazing Grade One work and give you an insight into what we are learning in class. We will also post some tips on how you can continue the teaching and learning at home.

Cant wait to share all of our learning with you. Watch this space! 🙂

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